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  Home > Arranging Fresh Flowers
Arranging Fresh Flowers
1. Think about the size of the space in which your arrangement will be placed, and choose the size of you container and flowers accordingly. A big vase and lots of flowers will look overcrowded on a small side table. A small vase and few flowers would look lost in a larger display area.

2.When using open flowers, such as roses, daffodils or gerbera daisies, try to turn some of them at different angles to show different shape. Try not to arrange your flowers all facing in the same direction if the arrangement can be viewed from various angles.

3.Try to allow some space between the flowers to prevent a crowded effect.

4.Make sure that your vase is leak proof and that it has a neck which is big enough for the flowers to fit comfortably.

5.If the flowers sometimes don't stand up straight it could be that your vase is too short for the flowers, or that the flowers are too tall for the vase. A good way to check if the vase you would like to use is of an appropriate height, is too see if the vase is at least half as tall as the flowers.

6.If you cut your flowers too short, don't think that it is all for loss! Either put pebbles or marbles at the bottom of your vase for shorter flowers to stand on. You could also simply cut the head off of the flower and float it in a decorative dish, along with candles.

7.You can use filler flowers in a sparse looking arrangement to give it a much fuller appearance. Some good examples of filler flowers include, feverfew, ferns, Queen Anne's lace, baby's breath, heather, statice, and aster.

8.To give your arrangement more dimension cut the flowers at various lengths. Place the longest stems in the center of your bouquet.